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Trash service for the Christmas holiday and New Years holiday for 2023 will be delaid by 1 day.  They will pic up on Thursday.

Unofficial Results for May 04, 2024 City of Dawson General Election


Stephen "Red" Sanders  48 votes


Darrell Stevenson  42 votes

Sandra "Sandy" Sullivan 17 votes

Beth Sepedy 25 votes

Hayden Crutchfield 19 votes

Christian Martinez 28...

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911 Medical Emergency Important News

When calling 911 for a medical emergency you must request for the Dawson Fire Department First responders to be paged out to help you.  If you do not the fire department will not be dispatched to...

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Help Prevent Sewer Backups

The disposal of any item, other than human waste and toilet paper, into the sanitary  sewer system can cause a backup. Just because a product is advertised as “flushable”  doesn’t mean it actually...

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Why are Permits Required?

Why are Permits Required?

State and municipal governments require permits be obtained for certain residential  construction projects. By ensuring that work is done safely and in accordance with...

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Notice of General Election May 04, 2024

General Election For May 04, 2024

The City of Dawson has the following  positions up for re-election: Mayor, and five council members. Two of the positions were not filled in the May 2023.


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