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Help Prevent Sewer Backups

The disposal of any item, other than human waste and toilet paper, into the sanitary  sewer system can cause a backup. Just because a product is advertised as “flushable”  doesn’t mean it actually is.

Please do not flush any wipes, paper towels, dental floss, diapers, wrappers or feminine hygiene products.

FAT, OIL & GREASE (FOG) Examples include dairy, sauces, soups & cooking grease poured down the drain. FOG hardens and sticks to the inside of sewer pipes, partially or completely blocking flow, resulting in a backup.

STORMWATER (RAINWATER) can enter the sewer system through uncovered or damaged cleanouts, cracked or broken sewer pipes, or basement sump pumps and can overwhelm the capacity of the system and cause widespread backups.

TREE ROOTS often grow into private and public sewer lines obstructing flow. The roots trap paper products and solids, leading to backups.

When a backup occurs, it’s enormously unpleasant, causes damage to property and is harmful to the environment.

Homeowners are responsible for clearing any blockage in the private sewer line  between their home and the city main, so it can be costly.


Reduce your risk by being mindful of what you flush.

Dry wipe plates, pots, pans and dishes into the trash before washing.

Pour all liquid oil and grease into a sealable container and dispose of it in the trash.

Have your sewer line checked periodically for tree roots and check the cap on your cleanout.

Make sure your basement sump pump isn’t connected to the sanitary sewer.

City of Dawson
112 North Main Street
Dawson, Texas

Report sewer backups to:
254-578-1515 (8-5 M-F)
254-495-0729 (after hours)