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Water Sewer Rate Increase May 07, 2024

May 07, 2024 Water Sewer Rate Increase

During the May 07, 2024 monthly council meeting, the council decided to raise the rates for servies, as listed below. Rates:

Base Rate: $33.00 going up to $38.00

Late Fees: $20.00 going up to $30.00 (Charged if not paid on/by the 15th of the month)

Reconnect Fee: $50.00 going up to $75.00 (Charged if past due bills not paid by the 25th of the month) 

Water Tap Fees: $500.00 going up to $600.00 (Inside the city limits)

Sewer Tap Fees: $550.00 going up to $650.00

Water Tap Fees: $1,750.00 going up to $2,000.00 (Outside the city limits)

All these increases are due to cost of materials to maintain and operate the distribution system and waste water treatment plant.  The Tap fee increase goes into effect immediately for any new taps made.

The City of Dawson also provides a few ways to pay your water bill.  You can pay online through www.payclix.com.  There is a fee on their website to pay your water bill.  You can sign up for automatic bank draft with no fee, or walk-in office with cash or check.  Our hours are Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM.  We also have a slot in the door for those that want to dop off payment that way (Use an envelope).

This increase will go into effect with the June meter reading.  You will see this increase on the bill due July 15, 2024.  We apologize for the late notice as this was a clerical error on the city's part.  Any questions please contact The City of Dawson at 254-578-1515.