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Declaration of Mild Drought Conditions October 03, 2022

City of Dawson News Release:

Drought conditions are widespread across the state.  City of Dawson is experiencing a mild drought condition and encourages all citizens to help consere our precious water resources.

Our water system is under Stage 1 Mild Drought Conditions.  This means the water use is restricted in the following ways:

Voluntary Restrictions:

Use water in a manner that does not allow runoff or waste

Use bucket, not spray nozzle for washing and rinising vehicles

Make sure diswasher is full before running

Wash full loads of laundry

Take shorter showers

Turn water off when brushing teeth

Install toliet dam or other water saving devices on commode

Customer are encouraged to limit nonessential water use to prevent further restrictions.

Customers are specifically encouraged to limit watering for landscape use, and to only water after 6 p.m. and before 10a.m.